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Patch Notes [Update] 11/30/2023

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Nov 30, 2023.

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  1. Carl

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    Feb 22, 2010
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    NOTE: Need restart launcher to apply client update
    - Reduced the respawn timer of monsters at Olun's Valley by 50%
    - Fixed aggro limit stop working sometimes in specified hunting zones (example: Thornwood Prison)
    - Fixed some Wizard outfits isn't display or display incorrectly
    - Added all missed alchemy recipes
    - Reduced the health and attack power of Illezra's dark shadow that spawns during the succession questline of all classes by 30%
    - Now for Kolka'a [Daily] Bossfather quest any type of world/field boss can be killed (except Mirumok Destroyer Offin, Black Shadow and Vell)
    - Now when you are lumbering, you will randomly encounter Afuaru
    - All guild quests have been updated in accordance with changes in retail server
    - Added O'dyllita Castle Musical Spirit spawn at Thorn Castle entrance (near Aliluna) to possibility to obtain same named knowledge
    - Fixed last Isobella event field boss sometimes didn't give drop if killed in more than 30 seconds
    - Implemented new upgrade stone Sunset Glow Crystal exclusively for the Artina Sol (used for upgrading Sol to Sunset Artina Sol)
    - Moved Hasrah Ancient Device NPC to proper place
    - Decreased minimum needed participants for Horse Race from 5 to 3
    - Removed acquire animation for items: Hard Black Crystal Shard/Sharp Black Crystal Shard/Ah'krad/Olucas
    - Fixed incorrect starting dialog for Jarette Domongatt NPC
    - Fixed incorrect mass manufacture logic: now chance to double result is rolling for every try count
    - Added possibility to move [Oasis] Brady's Nutritious Supplement into Family Inventory
    - Fixed can't rent Mansion when discount applied
    - Fixed can't buy cash shop item from cart
    - Changed quest conditions where need give old Horse Race Seal to new Old Moon Grand Prix Coin item
    - Removed incorrect Lightstone Extraction Tool from selling list
    - Reduced minimum life skill to use auto-sprint from Artisan 1 to Professional 1
    - Reduced additional wait time when new member connected to horse race from 3 min to 1 min
    - Added Trace of Forest to Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Upper) monsters droptable
    - Added Jewel of Illusion into Rock Golem droplist
    - Replaced Trace of Despair with Trace of Forest to be obtained upon defeating Quint Hill (Elvia) monsters
    - Changed base quantity of Tainted Specter's Cloth obtained when defeating Volkras or Barnas from 2-4 to 3-5
    - Changed base quantity of Trace of Ascension\Golem's Heart Fragment that can be obtained when defeating Golem's Left Arm from 3 to 3-5
    - Increased base quantity of Covetous Eye that can be obtained upon defeating Altar Imps (Elvia) monsters by 1
    - Increased the amount of Trace items obtainable from completing the [Bonus] A Simple Test from Dalishain from 300 to x500
    - Added Mysterious Catalyst to Shining Powder and Powder of Flame/Rifts/Earth/Time exchange option to Dalishain & Bofin NPC's
    - The following items can now be registered and traded on the Central Market: Thick Turo Blood, Turo Heart, Abyssal Essence, and Remnants of Burnt Spirits
    - Increased the probability of obtaining Everlasting Herb through hoe gathering by 30%
    - Added Griffon Claw item drop to all Griffon's (Immature/Awakened Boss/Darkened Boss/Ahib/Wild)
    - Added Coral Crystal and Blue Whale Oil items drop to Candidum, Hekaru, Nineshark, Ocean Stalker, Black Rust, Saltwater Crocodile, Lekrashan sea monsters
    - Fixed some new outfits has transparent parts like a missed textures (example: Shai Winterland Soiree Outfit)
    - Fixed can't complete quest Production #6 - Selling Goods
    - Fixed mastery debuff applying to Process instead Training for Lightstone [Choice and Focus: Training] combo
    - Fixed completed [Dellus' Gift]/[Raomi's Gift] quest's didn't give LT bonus after relog
    - Implemented correct bonus selection when inserting Khan Stone to Vell Stone (now bonus types will be more various)
    - Trade items can be obtained from life activities replaced with Trace items (example: Mining: Jewel Embedded Stone -> Trace of the Earth/Hoe Gathering: Female Kermes ->Trace of Forest/and etc)
    - Changed certain quests that required the now removed Gathering trade goods to now require the Fairy's Breath item
    - Unified the daily Gathering quests offered by Liana into one general Gathering quest: Depending on the level, the quest will require 1 to 5 Fairy's Breath for completion.
    - Doubled the amount of Trace items obtainable from the following production nodes: Glish Ruins, Fountain of Origin, Sherekhan Necropolis, Pilgrim's Sanctum: Humility, Ancient Stone Chamber, Ancient Ruins Excavation Site, Sherekhan Iron Mine, Lynch Farm Ruins, Bernianto Farm, Rhua Tree Stub, Tooth Fairy Forest, Crypt of Resting Thoughts, Mansha Forest, Star's End, Zvier Highlands, Mountain of Division.
    - Increased the basic amount of the sap resources obtainable from Gathering activities (example: Ash Sap/Maple Sap/Pine Sap/etc)
    - Increased the basic Fruits amount gathering with Hoe and Breeding
    - Increased the drop rate of the Mysterious Catalyst byproduct by approx. 3.7 times when processing with Alchemy
    - Increased the appearance rate of special moles such as the Slowpoke Mole and Giant Mole while Farming
    - Replaced the junk loot items acquired from some nodes to Gold Ore/Platinum Ore/Rough Opal/Mythril (example: Ancient Stone Chamber/Lynch Farm Ruins/Mansha Forest/etc)
    - Increased drop chance and amount for Special Resources from Lumbering Node (example: Spirit's Leaf/Monk's Branch/Old Tree Bark/Bloody Tree Knot/Red Tree Lump)
    - Added The Treasure's True Owner: Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Telescope quest
    - Added possibility to register Manor decorations at Central Market
    - Added possibility to register Hesed's Crystal/Delotia Essence/Starlit Jade's Breath/Essence of Insight items at Central Market
    - Increased Rawr-Rawr's Heart drop rate from Rawr-Rawr boss by 4 times
    - Increased Red Earth Bloodstone rate and quantity drop from Rawr-Rawr boss
    - Fixed the issue where the Grass Rhinos of Narcion would sometimes chase you over a long distance
    - Fixed premium can reset in some cases to first level when player extend premium while 7-days grace period
    - Added 14 new manor-exclusive furniture items with a Gránan snow white-tint and/or fairy motif to Lv. 3+ workshops in Heidel/Calpheon/Grána towns
    - Added chance to get White Truffle Mushroom from Truffle Mushroom Crop from Farming
    - Updated unintended byproducts can be obtained during Alchemy (example: Unknown Seed/Remnants of Burnt Spirits/Alchemy Stone Shard/Dead Tree Essence)
    - Added knowledge for Truffle Mushroom Hypha, which can be obtained when you obtain the item
    - Added missed amity to NPC (example: Cenaleo Lehann)
    - Improved so that you can now receive Low Grade Crystal Fusion knowledge from Velia's jeweler Marsella for 10 Energy
    - Improved so that you can now receive Stonetail Fodder knowledge from Stonetail Horse Ranch's stable keeper Gula for 10 Energy
    - Improved to allow quest progression even without trading items during the [Trading] Trading Activity quest
    - Greatly improved the durability and maximum power of Peridot Forest Path Wagon exclusive parts
    - Revised some content in the Adventure Log "Pavino Greko's Collection Vol. 1" accordingly last retailt Dark Rift changes
    - Added Box of the Howling Dead and Mythical Feather drop to Dark Rift bosses and increased the obtainable number of existing loot
    - Now town's blacksmiths can sell and buy Mirrors of Equilibrium item
    - Increased the number of Rough Lustrous Gems obtained from a single Starlight Vein by 4 times (1 → 4)
    - Removed all unobtainable knowledges from encyclopedia
    - Added +350\+400 LT Weight products to cash shop
    - Removed duplicate items from some NPC shops (example: HP/MP potions at Tent shop)
    - Removed the notification message when obtaining Everlasting Herb
    - Added Hunter's Seal x5 exchange for weapon boxes to Arms Dealer NPCs (example: Ain/Seleth/Krea/Rosar/etc)
    - Decreased AP and removed death penalty for Illezra's Dark Shadow encountered during the succession quest of each class
    - Increased the number of Truffle Mushroom and Everlasting Herb obtainable from Gathering
    - Increased Fairy's Breath drop count by 4.6 times from Gathering
    - Increased Stained Silk drop count by 6 times from Trading
    - Increased Wildspark drop count by 4.5 times from Hunting
    - Increased Blush Leaf drop count by 3 times from Gathering
    - Added the [CP] in front of the names of items that can be rented through Contribution Points
    - Migrated and updated web-shop to ingame cash-shop to able to see what you buy
    - Implemented gifting from cash shop for cash items
    - Server stabilization & internal optimization fixes
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